Our Team:




Richard Clinghan

Richard moved to Canterbury just in time for earthquakes.  Despite the initial shock, his wife, and now, his baby daughter, love living in New Zealand.  Richard grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Ireland and has moved to Oxford to embrace the rural lifestyle.  Richard studied medicine in Dundee, Scotland and has an interest in rural medicine and minor surgery.


Judith Millar – Clinical Director

Judith locumed throughout New Zealand in 2006 and loved it so much she returned in 2007 for some more. She was raised in Coleraine in Northern Ireland and gained her medical degree at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her post graduate training includes Accident and Emergency, Ophthalmology and General Practice. Judith loves seeing patients of all age groups and is keen to continue her interests in Ophthalmology and Palliative care.

Kara Covell

Kara Covell was a physician from the US.  She attended medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle and completed residency in Family Medicine in Billings, MT.  She was raised in Spokane, Washington.  Kara enjoys palliative care, rural medicine, and continuity of care. Kara’s book is open to see new patients.


William Gordon-Wright

Dr William Gordon-Wright joined the team in December 2013 as a newly qualified GP from the UK and relishes the opportunity to contribute to the evolving situation at OCHC, he hopes to bring a different perspective that will benefit the patients and the health centre. Will is pretty sporty and is looking forward to the renowned Kiwi lifestyle, and of course, the scenery.  He looks forward to meeting you all in person in the near future.


 Rural Nurse Specialists


Colleen Wilkinson

Colleen has been employed since 2001 as a Rural Nurse Specialist, she holds day time clinics and after hours on-call. Her background includes emergency relief work helping set up and overseeing public health for a camp of 10,000 people in drought affected Ethiopia, plastic surgery and ten years working in the Emergency and Acute Care Department at Christchurch Hospital. She has completed a Master of Nursing degree.


Jason Williams

Jason completed his nursing training in 1999 at the University of Florida. Following his training, he worked in a variety of intensive care specialities with a primary focus in cardiology. Jason completed his Masters in Clinical Nursing degree in 2012 from Massey University and is in the process of applying to become a Nurse Practitioner. He thoroughly enjoys the rural setting and a bit of golden oldies rugby.


Practice Nurses


Lin Thomson

Lin is a Rural Practice Nurse with over 30 years wide ranging experience. Some of these include vaccination, smear taking, dealing with accidents and emergencies. She has lived locally most of her life, although has lived and worked overseas.


Sue Dalley

Sue is a hospital trained nurse with more than 20 years nursing experience. Throughout her nursing career, she has specialised in cardiology and oncology, but most of her extensive experience has been as a Rural Practice Nurse at Oxford. She considers she is nearly a ‘local’ to Oxford having lived in the area of Springbank all her life.


Paula Bruce

Paula has a background in general medical nursing and specialises in women’s health. She enjoys the small community of Oxford and is pleased to be able to provide quality care to Medical centre families.

Hayley Fletcher

Hayley works part time at the Medical Centre. She lives in the wider North Canterbury area and is involved in many community sporting groups.



Brigid Sinclair

Brigid has recently moved to live locally in the Oxford area. She has a background in surgical nursing in Timaru, and is also interested in wound care and emergency nursing. Brigid has also been involved in farming and has been a volunteer fire fighter.

Marjolein Hicks

Marjolein returns to our centre to support the Practice Nursing Team on a casual basis.

District Nurses

Lu Wengler

Lu joined the team in 2017 and takes excellent care of patients out in the community. You will see her out and about in her little grey car dashing from house to house. Her bright and bubbly nature is enough to make anyone feel better.


Business Manager

Richelle Jorgensen

Richelle has a history of leadership in a scope of industries, including the financial sector. She joins the practice bringing high-level detailing required for the medical sector.




Robyn Salton

Robyn’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes her the perfect Practice Administrator. The practice benefits from her background in HR and Personnel prior to joining the health centre team. Robyn both oversees the our Reception and Administration Team and assists our Business Manager.


Elinor Percival

Elinor has recently relocated to Oxford to join her husband who is working locally. She is enjoying the friendliness of the community and her children have settled well into the local school. She is looking forward to getting more involved with the Oxford community.


Jane Fraser

Jane joined the team in 2012. Having grown up and lived in rural areas all her life Jane really enjoys getting to know the Oxford people and being part of the Oxford Community.


Pam Washington

Pam comes to us with fantastic experience from the banking sector. She joined the team in 2018 and enjoys being a first point of contact to our patients. Her friendly and helpful manner is delightful for both staff and patients.




Sharron Jackman

Sharron’s friendly smile will be seen from time to time as she supports the Reception Team on a casual basis. Otherwise she will be busy on various other projects for the practice.





Carol Murphie

Carol joined the team in 2014. She diligently attends to the administration of the financials ensuring all the i’s are dotted and T’s crossed. She is an active member and well known member of the Oxford Community.





  • Gary Allen (Chairman)
  • Tracie Miller
  • Jonathan Austin
  • Murray Taggart
  • Shane Collins
  • Pat Hayward
  • Tom Cawood