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It's really quite special.
A small community practice who are 
full of heart & world-class expertise.

You'll receive a far more personal service from us, here in Oxford.

You're not a number. You're our neighbour, our friend, our valued community.

Our purpose is to ensure that Oxford is living healthy & well. A reflection of our commitment is that we are the only General Practice that provides the Waimakariri District with PRIME responders & 24-hour care, seven days a week. This dedication to our community doesn't come cheap & we don't receive funding for it. Please show us your support by enrolling today. 

(we are currently only accepting enrolments from patients living within the boundaries of the Oxford-Ohoka Ward to Downs Road)

Please be aware you will need to wait 5 - 7 days after returning your completed enrolment before being able to make an appointment at the practice; this allows us time to receive your medical information from your previous practice.  This is important so our clinicians have all the relevant information about your health needs and care.


Want to re-order prescriptions easily?
Our free, online portal allows you to access many valuable resources and of course, a secure vault for storing your medical records. If you'd like this service, please ask one of our Receptionists to Register you.






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manage appointments


For important updates & notifications,
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Oxford, Canterbury.

We are your local
emergency care providers.
Available - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

After hours:

We partner with Ka Ora and Practice Plus to provide same day virtual GP appointments for enrolled patients, as an extension of our regular medical centre team.

  • Ka Ora Telecare is available weekdays in the evening and overnight with hours - 5pm to 8am , Weekends and Public Holidays – 24 Hours a Day

  • Practice Plus is available weekdays until 10pm and weekends/public holidays 8am-8pm.


Click here to find out more and to register/book an appointment.



  • Urgent? Explain your circumstances to our receptionist. We reserve urgent appointments qualified by a triage nurse.

  • All emergencies will take priority and appointment times should be considered approximations and flexible.

  • Late arrival – as a courtesy to other patients you may be asked to re-schedule your appointment.

  • Non-arrival – please advise if possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. We may charge for the missed appointment if we haven't been informed at least 2 hours prior.

  • Double appointments are required for:


  1. More than one person attending

  2. Multiple problems

  3. Insurance medicals

  4. 70+ Drivers licence assessments (15 mins of this with the nurse).

Ask the receptionist to advise you on the type of appointment that best suits you :)


Repeat prescriptions

  • Your doctor will know if you are unable to obtain these without a consultation.

  • Please allow at least 48 hours before you wish to collect it.


  • All visiting and new patients must pay prior to consultation with the doctor or nurse.

  • Please pay at the time of consultation. An additional $5 charge is applicable if not paid on the same day.

  • We do not run accounts, but if you have difficulty in making a payment, it is important to speak to our reception staff. They will do their best to assist you.

Test Results

  • The policy at Oxford Community Health Centre is that we will only inform you of abnormal test results.  

  • In the case of an abnormal test result we will make contact with you as soon as we are able, but please be aware that some tests can take up to three weeks to come back.

  • Please ensure your contact details are up to date so that if we do need to contact you we have the correct information.

  • You are welcome to ring the practice to check any result if you are concerned.

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