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Below is a list of New Zealand healthcare providers and information that New Zealanders have available. If you'd like to learn more, simply click on the relevant provider and you'll be redirected to their website. 

Pegasus PHO

Pegasus Health supports many aspects of health and wellbeing in Canterbury. We provide services and support to general practices and community-based health providers to deliver quality health care to patients and we are committed to improving the health outcomes of the people in our communities.

Diabetes New Zealand

Diabetes New Zealand Incorporated is a charity that represents and supports people with diabetes. We’ve been supporting Kiwis with information and resources to help identify and manage diabetes symptoms for more than 50 years.

Health & Disability Commissioner

The Health and Disability Commissioner is an independent agency set up to promote and protect the rights of consumers who use health and disability services; help resolve problems between consumers and providers of health and disability services; and improve the quality of health care and disability services.

Kiwi Families

Advice, help and support for parenting in New Zealand.

Family Doctor

General health information written by doctors.

Healthy women

The National Screening Unit (NSU) provides health screening programmes in New Zealand. A separate unit of the Ministry of Health, the Unit is responsible for the safety, effectiveness and quality of health and disability screening programmes.

Sport NZ

Sport NZ is dedicated to getting New Zealanders moving. That means everything from supporting elite athletes to getting out into local communities and encouraging people to get active.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Offering peer support to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families.

The Low Down

Straight up answers for when life sucks. Helping young Kiwis understand and deal with depression.


Computer Assisted Learning for the mind focuses on positive psychology, the science of looking at what makes people truly happy.

Blood pressure

NZ website with information and tips on hypertension (high blood pressure)for patients and clinicians.

Heart Foundation | Know your heart age

Your heart age measures how great your risk of a heart attack or stroke is. Find out with this easy to use tool.

Royal NZ College of GPs

Started by health professionals and consumers, this website aims to make it safer, quicker and easier to ‘navigate’ the health maze and find what you need, when you need it.

Mental Health Foundation

For mental health and anxiety issues.

Know Your Rights

When you use a health or disability service in New Zealand, you have the protection of a Code of Rights.

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