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History of Oxford Community Health Centre (OCHC)

In 1979 Dr Ted Walford began general practice from his own residence in Bay Road, Oxford. The Oxford District Council built the current premises which are situated in the grounds of the Oxford Hospital in 1981. As the practice grew he was quickly joined by

Dr Pauline Smale.

Dr Walford then sold the practice to Dr Ken Howe and Dr John Sligo in the 1980’s. Over the next period of time, a number of locums came and went until Dr Jim Ross bought the practice in 1991.

Jim was joined by Dr Nigel Kim in 1992. Jim subsequently sold his share of the practice in late 2002 to Nigel who continued to work as a sole practitioner – but he was assisted by part-time locums as the load got heavier.

When the after-hours cover became overwhelming, the Oxford Health CharitableTrust formed and took over the ownership of the After Hours cover for a period. Dr Kim eventually sold the practice to the Oxford Health Charitable Trust in November 2005.

Oxford Health Charity Ltd (OCHL)

The Oxford Health Charitable Trust purchased the Oxford Community Health Centre in November 2005. At this time a limited liability company, Oxford Health Charity Ltd, was formed as the business component for the governance and operation of the Oxford Community Health Centre.

The Trust is an organisation made up of volunteer Board Directors who recognise and value the need to support and provide a 24 hour medical service, the success of which hinges on the collaboration between the District Health Board with Pegasus Health PHO. At a local level, the strength of working relationships lies with the support of the Community, and the combined approach
of the Oxford Community Health Centre, the Oxford Hospital, Oxford Pharmacy and Karadean Rest Home and Hospital in providing effective and sustainable healthcare to Oxford and its rural community.

The philosophy of the Trust continues to follow a business plan where any profits will be retained and used to develop a business with the health outcomes of the community in the forefront. The Trust has delegated the day-to-day management to the practice manager and clinical director, but is proactive in the governance of the business and has a realistic understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Mission Statement

The Oxford Health Charitable Trust’s objective is to safeguard the viability of the Oxford Community Health Centre and ensure that it has the ability to address and meet the primary health care needs of the community and its' enrolled patients.

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