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Oxford Health Centre
Kids under 14 years of age are FREE

All charges listed are for a standard consultation of up to 10 minutes.

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Standard Hours

Mon - Fri: Business Hours


evenings & weekends;
telephone consults only

After Hour Rural
Nurse Service

Standard Hours

Mon - Fri: Business Hours

Patients on multiple medications (more than five daily) are at a higher risk of complications & therefore are required to be seen by a doctor every 3 months. Certain medications cannot legally be issued in advance.




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New Patient Appointment​​

To support new patients into the practice, it is our position that all new patients over the age of 18 will be required to have a New Patient appointment.


If you are a returning patient to Oxford Community Health Centre; you are not required to have a New Patient appointment.


What is a New Patient appointment?

It is a 15 minute consultation with one of our nursing team; during this consult they will get an overview of your health history as well as your height, weight, blood pressure, social history and smoking status. They will also discuss any health issues or concerns you would like to highlight; and provide you with information about our Health Improvement Practitioner and Health Coach.


The consult with our nursing team is followed by a 15 minute consult with one of our GPs; this consultation will be about addressing the health concern you have prioritised for this visit including prescription requests.

Why do I need a New Patient appointment?

By meeting with the nursing team first, it frees up the GP consultation to focus on your health concern.


We believe it is important for you and our clinical team to have some quality time together to understand your health needs; we are a “team of teams” at Oxford Community Health Centre and feel it is good practice to introduce you to as many of our team as possible.


General practice is changing we need to be time and staff efficient – getting all of the important baseline information at the start of your journey with us will support us in providing our high standard of care.

How much does a New Patient appointment cost


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